Tuesday, February 19, 2008

E - L - I

I know I am a ranting mommy, but Little Eli can spell his name. He can write his name all by himself and knows how to spell a few words - first of which being his name. He screams it like a cheer - E - L - I spells ELI!! Then does a happy dance.

I find it very important in this day and age of crazies, to be sure that he knows important stuff like where he lives, his parents names, his name, etc., so that in the event he - GOD FORBID - ever got lost or kidnapped, I could hope that someone would help him find his way home. I think about that poor little girl that was left at Chuck-e-Cheese a few weeks ago and think if she had only known some information maybe she would have been home sooner.

I also use the blog to track events so that SOMEDAY when I actually sit down to scrapbook Eli's life, I will have a record of what he said and did when. So, he can spell fox, cat, dog and his name. Which at 3 years 4 months - I think is pretty darn good.

On Sunday we went to Fair Park in Dallas to see the Dinosaurs Alive show and walk around the museum. I hadn't really thought about it until we got there, that the last time we were there was about a year ago - AJ was alive and we were awaiting his arrival. I found myself frozen in my steps as we entered into the kid zone. It was that day that the picture of prego me and Eli was taken - the one I cherish because it's me with both of my boys - alive and healthy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Proud Mommy Moment

I have to brag for a minute...

On Saturday, I took Eli to a birthday party for a one of his friends. His teacher happened to be there and as we were talking she shared with me that Eli is the ONLY one in his class who can cut out objects with scissors and the is the ONLY one who knows that you use numbers to count objects.

For Christmas he got the book "Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones" from Ms. Jane. He has either memorized it all or I swear he can read! It's amazing.

Being a mommy is the absolute best thing I have ever done in my life - and the most painful. Both of my boys make me so proud!! I'm amazed what an impact AJ has on our lives and the lives of others. And Eli - well - I am beyond grateful and blessed to have such a caring, sweet, smart, funny and sensitive young man - all of 3 that he is.

Ok - I will step back and stop being conceited now. :)