Monday, July 20, 2009

Alex is 3 months!!

Well, Alex is now 3 months old. He is a cutie and a flirt.

I returned to work after 14 weeks off with the boys...SO HARD! I did better than I expected, but it was so hard to leave them. I REALLY enjoyed being a stay at home mom for that period of time. It's so hard to get anything done in the evenings now that I've gotten back to work. We pretty much get home, dinner, wash bottles and prep for tomorrow, baths, read and then it's time for bed. :( No fun!

Eli is in his new room at school. He has had a few bumps along the way this week - testing the waters - but overall doing good. He continues to amaze me with his art skills. He is SO creative and can conceptualize things in paper like I've never seen. He loves to sit and make paper airplanes with Pockie and Daddy. They challenge each other to who can make the coolest one. He is ALL BOY which is nothing new, but I'm learning how to respond to ALL BOY - ALL THE TIME! Alex should have it much easier as I will be better trained by then. :)

Alex is already about 16 lbs. He is a smilie baby and is mostly content all the time. Before I went back to work he was sleeping from about 9:00pm to 4:00am. Not so much now. Maybe it's just a phase as we adjust.

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