Friday, April 18, 2008

A little Behind!

Well, it appears I'm a little behind on my blog. Let's see what has happened since February?

Daddy celebrated his 39th Birthday - Eli got him Wii - woo hoo!

Eli spent his first weekend away from mom & dad and went to visit Aunt Leah, Uncle Craig, Mandy and Jonathan for 5 days. Granny and Pockie took him down for a visit and to help Bubba celebrate his 8th Birthday. Eli was way too busy to talk when we called - he had so much fun. And we had a nice time too...March 10th was our 7th anniversary and we celebrated by going to see Jim Brickman at the Myerson in Dallas. It was a really nice concert and an awesome experience. As many people do, we fell in love to many of his songs. :) Eli came home and went right to work helping daddy in the yard.
I made a cake for AJ's 1st Birthday to take to MEND on March 13th. I decided that we should celebrate his birthday with his friend's parents... so we did. I made a replica of the first toy I bought for AJ when I found out he was coming. It's what I hold on to when I need a good cry.

Had a groom's cake order and we got to watch Sawyer for the first time. Long story short...the opportunity to watch him came and I didn't even realize what I was saying until I hung up the phone and I had a slight panic attack - what was I thinking watching a 1 year old...but God knew it was time for some very much needed one on one time with the little monkey - and WE totally enjoyed having him. Eli showed us what an awesome big brother he is/would have been. We are so blessed to have Jenn, Sean and Sawyer in our lives. And we are very thankful to be a part of Sawyer growing up...such a gift!!

Easter we attended a new church - The Church on Rush Creek. They began a new series that day on "Pushing Daisy's"...about death, post mortem, was fitting for our lives at that very moment. And the music ministry is awesome. After church we got together with Al's family for food and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

For AJ's Birthday we drove to San Antonio (no pics yet, forgot the digital and haven't gotten film developed yet) to get away and take Eli to Sea World. We drove down one day and back the next in order to be home on AJ's actual Birthday. I stayed up all night the night of his birthday in order to remember all of the events moment by moment as they occurred last year. I sat and listened to music and worked on AJ's was a very peaceful thing to do.

We celebrated AJ's 1st Birthday on March 30th. We went to church, lunch and then went to buy some balloons and a cake. We came home and some family and friends came over to share the day with us. We celebrated with a balloon release in the front yard as we sung Happy Birthday to our baby boy. I can't believe that he is a year old now.
Eli wrote his name on his balloon and drew AJ a shark.

The day was beautiful and perfect.

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