Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Way Behind!!

The last blog was a little behind - this one is WAY behind. I should know better than to wait so long to post as I have probably forgotten most of what I wanted to say.

First, I have the best son in the world!! I know I say that or something like it in almost every post, but he's my kid and I'm bias. AJ's one year birthday was March 30th. Somewhere in the month of April - after the last post - Eli began saying "I love you all the way up to the sky to AJ" every time he said I love you. He had connected that AJ was in the sky, with Jesus and that that was far away. He has occasionally asked if AJ is coming home lately. I just reply that AJ is having too much fun with Jesus and that some day we will get to see him. Questions come sporadically and he seems to understand WAY more than we could ever imagine. He is just so sweet and has a compassionate heart. Amazing how God works those little details out. :)
This is a picture of a beautiful rainbow that came to visit one day after a rain shower just as I was picking up Eli from school. We got in the car and he asked "mommy - did AJ send us that rainbow?" I see things like rainbows, snowflakes, and butterflies as God's reminders that the world is a beautiful place and He has it all under control - so I replied yes. We talked about how the rainbows are all the colors of the balloons that we send to AJ, and a rainbow is our way of knowing that he got them all. Then as sweet as can be, he said "Mommy, we need to blow kisses to the rainbow so the rainbow can give them to AJ for us." Can you say tears?

If you read AJ's blog, you know that I was a terrible mother on Mother's Day. But the bright spot was the wonderful crafts that Eli brought home from school for me. He was so proud of them and I was so thrilled to get them. Those moments are so special.

Eli had his first sleep over on June 6th. We took Eli and Walker to eat Chinese food and go see Kung Fu Panda. The boys had a hard time getting to sleep and then of course were up early the next morning to play. I think it went as good as it could have gone considering they are 3. :)

Daddy has been working on a patio with Tio V so it has just been Eli and I ruling the roost. Amazing how the time flies by - he is growing up so fast and always coming up with new things. I love being a mom!!

Eli is addicted to Wall-E!! It has been out for a 10 days and we have been twice already. He has posters, pictures, action figures and sheets. It's an awesome movie if you get a chance to see it.

The scary side of being a mom is when your kids are sick. E-man has been getting weird fevers for several months off and on. After the last bout of fever last week, the docs got together and have begun running a bunch of tests to make sure something weird isn't going on in his little body. Today he had a EDG and colonoscopy to see if his Eosinophillic Esophagitis is still flaring up and if something GI wise could be causing the fevers. Preliminary results look good and don't show anything. We will wait for the biopsies and lab results.

Eli had to do a bowel prep for the past three days - NOT FUN! Yesterday was clear liquids all day - MORE NOT FUN. He said I was a bad mommy, that I was mean for not letting him eat - and my favorite, while hanging on the refrigerator doors, "Mommy you're breaking my heart". If he only knew how hard it was for me to deny my child food for an entire day. I can't imagine how anyone could ever starve their child!! That was horrible and he could drink, eat jello and Popsicles. I'm so glad it's over and we continue to pray that it doesn't turn up to be something bad.

Ok - sorry this was a little choppy. I will try to do better and keep up the posts. hugs to all!!

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