Monday, August 25, 2008

Mr Green

Eli's favorite color is GREEN. When the boy makes up his is made up! Since he learned to talk, he has said he wants to be a pilot - a F-18 pilot! That has not changed. And now he is stuck on green. Green shoes, green shirts, green cups, green toys, green food. On so many levels it's great. Lucky for us the theme for school this year is frogs - "Leap into learning" - woo hoo green is the theme!

Eli goes back for lab work sometime this week or next and then back to the doc on September 8th. If all goes as planned (not my plan mind you) - the next fever will begin at the end of next week. If it all falls on schedule, he will have a fever for the appointment on the 8th and that will hopefully allow the doc to make some decisions.

Uncle Thomas comes to town this weekend! We are so excited to see him! A trip to New York would be great - guess we need to plan that before he moves somewhere else. Hopefully the Houston clan will be able to make it up and we can all have fun for a few days.

So nothing new is happening in the Z household these days. For all those who live in the Arlington area - I had lunch at a truly delightful place called "Mi Tierra" - Latin Fusion food the other day. It was muy bueno! I've had several cakes to work on and keep me busy with. E keeps us busy otherwise with all his new found knowledge on a daily basis. He reminds us to laugh and how great it is to live life with a childlike perspective.

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