Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's only 4

Last Friday night we were heading into a local store to grab something and there was a dutiful group of Girl Scouts/Brownies selling cookies outside the store. Eli became distracted and bashful as he passes this young lady at the door. Daddy asked him as they got inside what was the matter - why was he being that way and his response was "I just like looking at beautiful women". LOL - I couldn't believe this adorable - yet unexpected - comment.

As we were leaving - again distracted and bashful - he was telling us about a little blond girl in his class that he affectionately has refers to as "his girl" for the last 2 years. He proceeds to tell us that here new name is "Madison ____ _____ Zuckerman". I nearly fell over. Al looked at me and said, "What - you didn't expect him to give away his last name at 4?" NO - actually I didn't! He then proceeded to tell us that he would always live with us though. LOL!! I love the innocence of a 4 year old. Someday this story will be gold when he's getting married. :)

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Ruth said...

ok that is so precious! I'm keeping that boy away from my girls until he's 17! :-) Hope you guys are doing well...