Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gone for 10 days...

Well, Mr E left with Granny and Pockie for 10 days to Houston to see Aunt Leah and crew. Actually - I think he was intent on seeing Jonathan, but I hear he worked in a little time here and there for Mandy and the rest of the family as well. He packed his bag and headed south so big telling mom and dad "I'm gonna cry a little when I leave because I'm gonna miss you", but that didn't last long. After the first night of a tearful call because he was going to bed without mom or dad, he was off to the races - literally.

Mandy & Eli playing at the baseball fields.

Jonathan had his derby car races for boy scouts that weekend. Eli was able to participate in the sibling race with him and made his very own green derby car named "Just Fast".

Mandy and Eli watching the races

Eli & "Just Fast"

Eli, Mandy and Jonathan watching the races.

Daddy and I were able to get some much needed things done around the house and spend some even more needed time together. Our 8 year anniversary was on March 10th. We enjoyed a nice dinner at PF Changs and he brought me some very perfect and beautiful roses. I don't think we have completed a coherent, uninterrupted conversation since Eli started talking.

Eli returned home so big - seems like he gained 4 pounds and 2 inches. We go to the doc on Monday and I am interested to see what his stats are. He had a great time!

We are 34 weeks now and Eli is getting so excited for his brother to get here. We have been working on the room so pics will come soon. The house just woke up so off I go to start the day. :)

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