Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 Going on 30

Well, in the last 2 weeks, Eli has gone from Mommy and Daddy to "Mom and Dad". He can now dress himself - promptly reminding us "I'm a big boy - I don't need your help". My reverse psychology that I began early on with him has paid off...when I ask him to do something he generally replies, "Sure Mom, I'd be happy to." Mr. BIG!!

Pirate Madd Dog Eli (Mommy was a pirate at work one day and Eli inherited the costume from Mommy aka... "Iron Annie Flint".

Eli and the lizzard (yes the lizzard is on his hand, and

YES he caught it all by himself in the living room...Nice!)

Today when I went to pick him up from school, his teacher said "mom, do you have some news about a b-a-b-y?" My heart cringed to be honest. "No" I replied..."why?" She proceeded to tell me that Eli was adamant about mommy having a baby in her heart sunk even deeper into my stomach. He has been asking more questions about AJ lately, but also his other teacher is pregnant and so is one of his classmates' mother. While it was a cute, innocent topic for Eli...not so much for me. I pray God will give us the opportunity to answer that question with a yes sometime in the future...only He knows what the plan is....

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