Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Maverick has the flu... :(

Well, Eli has had a mild case of the flu we I have had a few unplanned days off with the little guy. I always enjoy and take every extra day I can get - sick or not!! But he is now on the mend and tearing up the world again so I have to go back to work - boo hiss! He has keenly grasp the concept that "Mommy is the BOSS" and has no trouble remembering it until he is in trouble and then it takes a few minutes to recall that detail. Al and I were both amazed that even though he was sick, every time we asked him if he wanted something, he replied "no, thank you". So polite!!

At school he has also learned all about good choices and bad much so that he is our walking conscious in the event we say the slightest thing the extent we can't even say "shut" the door for example without him saying "Mommy - you made a bad choice - you said shut"...thinking I assume that it was followed with the word "up"...which is a bad choice!

He can say all of his ABC's and count to 15 or so. Knows all his colors and shapes. Knows more about airplanes than his Pockie (not really but he thinks so). And can name several dinosaurs - and thank you Aunt Leah - he knows the correct name of Parasaurolophus but promptly recalls that Aunt Leah was confused and calls it the Hammersaurus. Gotta love it!!

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