Thursday, November 8, 2007

Watch out Pete Mitchell

Mr Eli is the new "Maverick" out Tom Cruise. Eli was a Navy - Blue Angel - Engine #1 fighter pilot for Halloween. He was a huge hit and he had a great time. We went to the carnival at the church and he played the games.

I started my new job last week. It is very different, but I really like it. I think at this point in my life it is a great place for me and I really look forward to learning new things.
So I decided to start a family page so I can keep track of Eli's comings and goings - I'm a terrible mother for just now thinking to do this, but hey - better late than never right? Eli turned 3 about 3 weeks ago and of course keeps us so busy. I will post pictures from his Dino party soon.

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Jennjilla said...

OMG, he is sooooo cute! He is going to be a lady killer for sure when he gets older.

Even more so if he's in uniform for real!!! :)